Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Willpower or Goal Oriented?

In my quest to lose excess fat, I keep getting irritating remarks from people that need to lose their own excess fat. I refuse to diet; that's just a dirty word to me. I've tried plenty of diets and they just don't work for various reasons. Most of them give you this magical weight loss but it always comes back because you lost water and muscle instead of fat. Also, most of them don't teach you how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat to keep your body in fat burning mode and stay healthy while losing weight. So, I chose something else and it works great. It's not some magic pill or anything, it's simply getting educated. Because I know what certain foods are going to do to my body, I sometimes choose to not eat them. Making good choices doesn't mean I have more willpower than people that can't seem to control themselves. I'm the human incarnation of Garfield! Don't talk to me about willpower. It's guaranteed to make me mad because it marginalizes what I've been able to do. I have simply changed my thought process. I look beyond the need for instant gratification and focus on the long-term goal. Is what I'm thinking about eating going to help me reach my goal? Is it worth the extra time and work I'm going to have to do to overcome the effects of eating it? I've found out that the answer is usually "no". I've changed my lifestyle. I've changed how I view things. I'm happy. I'm healthy. I have energy. I have the knowledge I need to show my kids how to stay healthy and what to watch out for. I have goals. I am close to reaching my goals. I don't have any more willpower than the next person. I have something that pulls me more than the lure of unhealthy food. I started my journey with a great coach that helped me get through the difficult process of changing my thinking. Now I do the same thing! I love being able to help others achieve their weight loss and health goals!

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