Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deluxe Eggs

I cannot cook omelets. There, I said it. I know they're supposed to be easy but mine always ends up sticking or messing up some other way. I really wanted to get more vegetables in my diet so I started making these Deluxe Eggs. They're simple to make which is great for me since I detest cooking before breakfast.

Olive Oil (I use Bragg's since it's extra virgin and cold pressed.)
Favorite Vegetables (think about what you usually like on an omelet.)
Turkey Bacon (if you want it)

 Saute vegetables in olive oil. I used onion and spinach this time. I've used broccoli, peppers, squash, and zucchini as well. If you want to add turkey bacon, saute it along with the vegetables. I use 1/2 slice when I add it.
*Tip: I keep onions and green peppers chopped up and in the freezer ready to go so I don't have prep work. I cheat on most of the other stuff and just get the frozen bags.
 When your vegetables are as done as you want them, throw the egg and cheese on top. I used 1/2 slice of Havarti. Sometimes I use cheese I already have shredded in the fridge. Did I mention that I don't like cooking before breakfast?
Scramble until the egg is cooked and the cheese is melted. You may want to add salt or other seasoning but I like it just like this. This recipe can easily be tweaked to your personal preference. Notice that all of my prep work was already done. When a recipe calls for chopped or shredded stuff, I just do more than I need. I'm much more likely to eat healthier (and not go out) if it's easy to throw a meal together. I hope this helps someone get their vegetables in!

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