Thursday, June 7, 2012

Complete Greens


Sometimes it is SO hard to get all of those vegetables in the diet. There are some vegetables that I am not going to eat; I don't care how healthy they are for me. This product has been a true blessing for me! It's amazing how much stuff they packed into this formula. It comes in a powder or a pill. I thought the powder was yucky until I tried one of the "green" smoothies at a healthy smoothie chain. THAT was disgusting!! People pay HOW MUCH to drink that?!? I decided to try the powder in my own smoothie and it was much, much better than the one I bought. I used the same recipe as the smoothie on my other post but just added a scoop of the greens. It was barely noticeable. As much as I hate pills, I do prefer the pill form of this.

I usually avoid pills because they don't actually digest well which means that they don't get absorbed. I translate all of that into them being basically useless. These have a great absorption rate (something about bioavailability but I can never remember all of that stuff). There is some information about this product on the order page but it doesn't tell us why it's so great. I wouldn't know myself if my mother wasn't so excited about it. Actually, I still can't remember most of it. My mom is a naturopath and a master herbalist so I only catch on to every other word (you know, the little ones). She was super excited when she saw the ingredient list.

The few ingredients that they list (and rave about) on the website are all great but did they have a word limit or something? Yes, we know apples are great as well as all of those grasses and bee pollen and spirulina but what about the chlorella, aloe, green tea, bilberry, milk thistle, royal jelly, etc..? I think there were over 40 ingredients when I counted them all. They're listed on the website, just click on the picture of the label and use the magnifying glass.

You know what I've learned? It doesn't matter how much of something is in a product if it can't be absorbed into your body. So many supplement manufacturers LOVE their label numbers because they know most people aren't educated enough to realize that the cheap crap they're putting in a pill isn't doing them any good. People just look at the amount listed on the label. It is SO important to get quality supplements that can get absorbed into the body. Stop wasting your money! Stop wondering why you're not getting healthy! Take a chance and try something that just might work! If you don't know what supplements you're missing, answer some questions and find out. The Nutri-Physical is free!

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