Thursday, August 16, 2012

Looking for a way out of your current financial situation?

The majority of people over the age of 65 make less than $25,000 per year. The average longevity for them is another 18 years. Most of that income comes from Social Security. Do you think SS is going to be there for you? Is this what you want for your future? Food for thought.
Do you ever recommend a movie or a restaurant to a friend? That's network marketing. What a big word for such a simple concept. Do you get paid when they go to the movie or restaurant that you recommended? Wouldn't you like to get paid for doing something SO easy, something that is just natural to you? That's what I do. I'm a stay at home mom. I homeschool my children. I move around a lot. The odds are against me being successful in a business and yet I am. Why? Because the business I chose (I have to laugh because I didn't really have a choice. I'll tell you about it in a minute.) was the only one out there that the average person can do and be successful. Is it right for everyone? Of course not, negative people can go elsewhere.
Here's my story:
My mom had a business. She started making money with the business and decided I needed to join her and make my own money. She stopped selling products to me at cost and made me pay retail so I partnered with her. My husband started working long, stressful hours at his job. We never saw him and he wasn't the man I married. Anyone that has been there knows what I mean. I didn't see an end in sight. If I didn't do something, nothing was going to change. I took another look at the business I had (I was only interested in getting things at cost to start with.) and I was totally awed by what I saw! Brilliant is the only word to describe it. No MLM crap in sight! My husband was in that thing that starts with an A but isn't Amazon. I knew I didn't want any part of something like that. 
Fast forward, my mom is making over $4500 a month and I'm following in her footsteps. I know the business works because I've seen it work. The only people I've seen not be successful are the ones that didn't show up in the first place. I'm sorry but the truth is that you're not going to be successful in any business unless you're willing to get the training and education you need to run your business. The training and education is there but so many people are expecting some free ride to wealth and are unwilling to actually work to make it happen. If you're looking for something that will make you rich quick without any effort on your part then I wish you luck. Do you want to try something that is low risk that could change your life in as little as 2 years? Okay, some people do make 6 figures in less than a year but these are exceptional people that do things most of us are unwilling or unable to do. Many people take longer because they don't treat their business like a business. If you treat it like a hobby then it's going to pay you like a hobby. 
Do you qualify to work with me? Here are some characteristics I'm looking for:
*Coachable! If you won't listen then I can't teach you!
*Must be willing to go to trainings! (I don't mean cheerleader meetings. Yuck! One of those things I hated about that other company! I mean real trainings to get the knowledge you need.)
*Must have a refusal to quit. I have no use for quitters. Make a commitment and stay the course.
*Must be basically friendly. I don't care to work with someone that's mean. Just a personal thing. I can refer you to someone else if everything else is good.
*Must be a positive person. 

Is this you? Do you want to check it out? I'd love to show you and work with you! I will match your efforts! Whatever you put into your business, I will put into your business! I won't do it for you. I don't believe in handouts but I'm always ready to give a helping hand! There is no pressure from me to partner with me EVER! Did I mention there were a few things I hated about that other company? 
I will give you all of the information I can until you have what you need to make an educated decision. This may not be right for you, you may not be right for this business. You may know someone that needs something like this. It's never a waste of time to find out what's out there. My business is kind of like a university with different majors. This means that people with different interests and abilities can work for themselves without the risks associated with starting up a traditional business. I specialize in nutrition. I work with doctors to help them create ancillary income while creating a more proactive practice. That's my passion! That's my major! Yours can be the same as mine or totally different! The freedom to chose is only one awesome aspect of this business! 
Send me a note at and we'll chat.