Sunday, September 23, 2012

Decorating For Fall

For the first time in my life, I have actually decorated for fall!! You have to understand, I totally stink at decorating so this is a big deal for me. :-)

Here's my fireplace. I know the picture stinks, sorry! I hit Michaels and bought one of their baskets with stuff in it (middle pile of stuff) and put it on it's side. There are 3 strands of maple leaf garland stretched out and some cheap decorations at each end. Maybe I'll add some lights or something.

Dollar Tree vases and bowl. Dollar Tree little pumpkins mixed in with the oranges (real). Flowers from Whole Foods ($5 each!). Placemats were from a clearance sale somewhere last year. It's not fancy but it's decoration! The placemats do a great job hiding the surface of the table. I can't wait to get that project done.
Battery powered lights that look like sticks from Target combined with fake plant from Michaels.

You can't forget the smell! An orange (there was a rotting one in the bag), cinnamon, and cloves. Just add water and simmer! This smells SO GOOD!

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