Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture on a wall

This is just a quick post to show you what the kids made yesterday. We are waiting on estimates for cabinets which means nothing is getting beautified in our school/play room. The walls are bad enough that I'm not going to prep them more than I need to but looking at white, ugly walls every day was getting to us. SO, when we decided to clean and reorganize the room (an all day project) the kids found an old frame and asked me if I was going to throw it away. Does a homeschooling mom EVER throw anything away? It's painful! (I did break down and reduce the size of the crayon box.)
You know how it is when you get a great idea (that your husband would have told you not to do had he been consulted :-) ). It was time to get some artwork on the wall.

First I put the frame on the wall and had one of them draw the line with a pencil around the inside edge of the frame. 
Then I taped the line so they wouldn't get the paint outside of the designated area.

After that, it was all their imagination!

They used Crayola paints for this since that's what we had on hand. It worked great! There is more texture than regular paint but it's not bad, just different.
This design was created by using sponges instead of paint brushes.

The frame didn't have any hangars on it so Kayla just put a couple of nails up top for it to rest on. This really brightened up the wall and the kids had fun!

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