Monday, April 22, 2013

What's In YOUR Snack?

*I use the chocolate as hot chocolate (yes, I'm an addict). I use the Keurig for the hot water then I add cold liquid (heavy cream, almond milk, water, etc..) to cool it down a little bit. Then just add the shake powder and whisk. This is definitely addictive! If the water is too hot, the shake powder will get little nasty tasting clumps so just be aware. 

*I have a bunch of recipes for the shakes, most are on my Pinterest board.

I'd love some options for the chocolate shake. Maybe I'll add a little bit of mint.

*This picture gives you the differences based on protein, fiber, and sugar. Those are great but it doesn't give the whole picture. It doesn't tell you what crap ingredients are in most of those products.

Special K Protein Shake-soy, canola oil, artificial flavors, corn syrup solids, etc...(you can read the rest if you want, I'm done here.)

Nature Valley Oats N Honey-canola oil, corn flour, soy flour *I do like these for trips but not as a healthy protein/fiber rich snack.

Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt- I have a big problem with yogurts that add gelatin and/or corn starch. That tells you it's crap right there! You should really only buy unflavored yogurt (if you want the live bacteria) and add your own fruit. Chobani would be a great alternative and it's easy to find. I challenge you to read the labels in the yogurt section.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials-My main issue with this one is all of the milk and sugar in it. There's more of those 2 ingredients than anything. Then you have more milk in the form of milk protein (just milk without most of the fat and carbs). Milk protein is harder to digest and stays around for HOURS because it's mostly cassein protein and only 20% whey protein. It's cheaper, that's why they use it. Bottom line.

Keebler Sandwich Crackers-Seriously, they put this on here? I'm not even going to start. If you consider this a healthy snack then we really need to talk.  It's crap. Bottom line.

Cliff Energy Bar- Lots of soy in these. This is mostly just soy and sugar. To be fair, I checked out their Protein Bar as well and it's just soy protein. This may not be an issue for everyone but I'm not changing my opinion on soy until more research is done THAT I TRUST to be accurate concerning the estrogen effects. Most soy is GMO which is a big issue for me as well. So while their protein bar does have high protein (20g) it doesn't have much fiber (4g) and tons of sugar (20g).

Friday, April 19, 2013

Yeast Overgrowth, Gut Bacteria, and Babies

Babies have no gut bacteria until they go through the birth canal; their gut is sterile. The baby ingests fluid from the birth canal which contains bacteria. This bacteria is either good or pathogenic depending on the state of the mother's body. A birth canal with pathogenic bacteria can cause issues with the baby such as eczema and allergies. Left untreated, an unhealthy gut can cause issues such as IBS, Cancer, auto-immune diseases, and Autism. Don't forget about the importance of breastmilk as well. Think about it; many nursing babies/moms end up with thrush after antibiotics. The good or bad bacteria gets passed on through the milk also. It's never too late to start fixing your gut and your children's guts. Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't know; take the information and start making changes.

We are what we absorb (not just eat). If you're having issues (allergies, migraines, fatigue, ADD, arthritis, etc..) that keep you from enjoying optimal health, you almost definitely have an imbalance in the health of your intestinal area. There are 3 pounds of microbes in the digestive tract that, when out of balance, make you susceptible to toxins and undigested proteins that cause disease. You want to know why we're having so many issues with this now, what caused it?
1. Breast feeding was actively discouraged (which still affects the next generation b/c the gut was never fixed before babies were born).
2. Antibiotics have been overused.
3. Health has become reactive instead of proactive. The symptoms are treated but the real problem goes untreated.
4. Our food has become highly processed with the cheapest quality ingredients and as many fillers and crap that companies can get away with putting in it. (Maybe I'll do a series on that.)
5. Exercise used to happen naturally and wasn't something that had to be scheduled in.

You want to get healthy? You have to start with balancing out the intestinal area. You can't absorb nutrients properly without a healthy gut.

How do you know when you have too much bad bacteria?
Some common symptoms:

Gut issues such as cramping, bloating, IBS, and inflammation
Yeast infections
Unexplained weight loss (malnutrition b/c you can't absorb nutrients)

Probiotics: What to look for

It's all in the delivery system. Honestly, it doesn't matter what the number on the label is if it can't stay live until it gets to where it needs to go.
1. GMP Certified-If it's not GMP certified don't buy it. That goes for any supplement.
2. Capsule form-There's a reason why we don't have this in isotonic form. Air, moisture, light, and heat are things to avoid so a capsule form without binders is a good choice.
3. Mine has patented technology for the delivery system that protects the live cultures from damaging stomach acid. It also allows for a longer shelf life even at room temperature than other probiotics
4. Strains-All probiotics do not have the same strains. Different ones do different things. 

Great probiotic options:
What my kids take:
What I take:
Other great options:
*I can't remember the name of the one I used to use. It can be found in the refrigerator of some health food stores. The container is white with green. If you happen to know what it is, please let me know so I can post it on here.

Food To Help:
*Plain yogurt (add your own fruit if you need to). Make sure your yogurt is really yogurt. Most are crap with fillers. I use Chobani but there are other great brands out there. 

*Sauerkraut (You'd have to pay me to eat this stuff but if you can stand it go for it!)

*Kefir (Keep in mind the sugar content before you go wild on this if you're not getting plain.)


*Fruit (It's sugar)

*These lists are just to give you a start. There are more Do's and Don'ts.

To get rid of yeast overgrowth, I took the weight loss class that I now teach. It's done through things like Facebook, email, and text messaging so location is not an issue. Here's my email if you want more info brandi_prkns @ yahoo . com.

Start with a cleanse. This is the one I use. If you decide to do it and want extra help/tips, please email me after your purchase so I can verify that you bought it and send you information. I will coach you through it if you want.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's causing your allergies and how can you make it stop!?!

Here is a Facebook series I did on Allergies. I know many people missed it so here you go! Feel free to "Friend" me if you aren't already on my Facebook!

Allergies-It's inflammation caused by histamine(a chemical released due to allergic reaction).
You can fix the symptoms with anti-histamines (which cause drowsiness) or you can fix them naturally with OPCs.

OPCs are antioxidants that fight free radical damage. So, what are free radicals and what do they do?
Free Radicals are atoms that have unpaired electrons which makes the atoms unstable. So the atoms try to stabilize by stealing electrons from other atoms which causes a reaction kind of like a car wreck that causes other car wrecks (or you can think of it as a pinball pinging around in your body). This is caused by normal processes in our body, toxins, pollution, heavy metals, etc..

So you have damaged cells in your body caused by free radicals. These damaged cells make it easier for disease to invade your body. I'm talking just about everything including cancer, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin issues, heart disease, asthma, etc..

Now, your body has natural defenses that combat this free radical damage but we have an overloaded system with our current world and lifestyle. This is where OPCs come in. These antioxidants fight the free radical damage (oxidative stress; hence the term anti-oxidant) by stabilizing the free radicals. There are tons of studies done on OPC and it's efficacy and safety. If you're going to take an antioxidant supplement then OPCs are the way to go. Everyone in my family takes OPCs every day.

OPCs are Flavan 3 ols (I'm going to skip the chemistry.) that are basically absorbable extracts from plants. This is why it's important to get a quality brand; you need a quality source. OPCs are 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals! Some examples:

Grape Seed Extract- You can't eat a grape seed and absorb the nutrients (sorry) but the extract is great for cholesterol levels.

Bilberry-Great for night time vision

Red Wine Extract-Has Resveratrol (awesome stuff!) that has potent anti-aging properties. Great for circulation (which is probably why the French have great cardiovascular health).

Citrus Extract-Great for circulation and is anti-inflammatory

Pycnogenol- Awesome free radical fighter! Here are some things it does for you:
*Increases substances to make your skin look better. So the things like collagen that are in your skin get a little boost.
*Helps with cognitive function which is great for people with ADD! This helps you focus because it is an anti-inflammatory and helps fight oxidation.
*Regulator for brain functions so it helps with irritability and anxiety caused by less than optimal brain functionality
*Heart Attack Vitctims-(that survive) get a lot of pharmaceuticals that have negative side effects. Pycnogenol reduces the side effects of these drugs.
*Improves endothelial cell health. People that have weight issues need help in this area more than most b/c of the effect the extra fat has on endothelial cells.
*Improves blood flow, circulation, because it removes the free radicals from the blood.
*Inhibits the production of MMP enzymes that cause dengeneration in cartilage collagen
*Helps decrease inflammation throughout the body

*Mine is in isotonic form so it gets absorbed in less than 5 minutes and does not have limitations on its bioavailability.


*I would offer alternatives but I haven't come across another one that has been proven to be isotonic in tests and/or have any quality near this one. I will be sure to give you options when I feel right about recommending them. This is the one a few of my friends have used to stop getting allergy shots.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Don't tell me about the weight you're going to lose-just do it!
Don't tell me what exercise regimen you plan to start-just do it!
Don't tell me that you want to finish your degree-just do it!
Don't tell me that you wish you could homeschool-just do it!
Don't tell me you want to start your own business-just do it!

You see the trend here? Words are cheap. They are free. They cost you nothing. Actions, that's something else. You've invested yourself in the action. You've dared to hope, to dream. Now do it!
You've run into a roadblock and don't know how to reach your goals? Just do it! Find a way and do it!!

Need some help? Try these steps to get started on whatever it is you want to do.

1. Write down your goals and dreams. What do you want? Be honest! Dream Big!! What do you really, really want? Don't cheat yourself out of your potential because you're too afraid you won't reach your dreams.
2. Visualize your goals and dreams. You can go old-school and make a collage poster by cutting and pasting pictures that represent what you want. I chose to create a digital collage that is now my desktop background. Put your dreamboard (technical name for it :-) ) somewhere that you'll see it often. That's an important part so don't hide it in the closet or file folder.

3. Break your dream up into smaller steps. Do this until you get to a daily action plan. What do you have to do to achieve your goals and dreams?
Think about it like the animal classification system. See how you just have all of the animals to start with? Okay, start with the basic idea of what you need to do. Then keep breaking it down by year, month, week, day. It's going to take some work but you can do it!
4. Here's the hard part. This is where you reall
y become invested, with both time and emotion. This is where you don't give up-take failure out of your vocabulary NOW! Do we need to have a discussion on the Tortoise and the Hare? Speed isn't what gets you to the finish line; refusal to give up is what it takes. You have your daily action DO IT!

Something to think about:
Someone has probably already done what you want to do. Find them, research them, do what they did! You don't have to reinvent the wheel; you don't have to be a genius. You just have to follow in the path of the people that have gone before you. What did they do, what did they think, what was their motivation, what struggles did they have, how did they overcome them, how can I adapt what I've learned so I can be successful? You'll find one thing in common with all of these people-they didn't quit. They never gave up. 
Surround yourself with positive, successful people! I can't tell you how important this is. There will be people that try to keep you down, keep you from your dreams...don't let them!! Get rid of them!! Some of them will kill your confidence in such a sneaky way that you don't even realize it so keep a watch out! If you don't have positive people in your close friend/family groups then find some new friends! 

Facebook is great for this! Heck, you can friend me...there's one person that believes you can do it now find some more!

Here's my final treasure for you. What, you think I came up with all of this on my own? Enjoy!