Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Don't tell me about the weight you're going to lose-just do it!
Don't tell me what exercise regimen you plan to start-just do it!
Don't tell me that you want to finish your degree-just do it!
Don't tell me that you wish you could homeschool-just do it!
Don't tell me you want to start your own business-just do it!

You see the trend here? Words are cheap. They are free. They cost you nothing. Actions, that's something else. You've invested yourself in the action. You've dared to hope, to dream. Now do it!
You've run into a roadblock and don't know how to reach your goals? Just do it! Find a way and do it!!

Need some help? Try these steps to get started on whatever it is you want to do.

1. Write down your goals and dreams. What do you want? Be honest! Dream Big!! What do you really, really want? Don't cheat yourself out of your potential because you're too afraid you won't reach your dreams.
2. Visualize your goals and dreams. You can go old-school and make a collage poster by cutting and pasting pictures that represent what you want. I chose to create a digital collage that is now my desktop background. Put your dreamboard (technical name for it :-) ) somewhere that you'll see it often. That's an important part so don't hide it in the closet or file folder.

3. Break your dream up into smaller steps. Do this until you get to a daily action plan. What do you have to do to achieve your goals and dreams?
Think about it like the animal classification system. See how you just have all of the animals to start with? Okay, start with the basic idea of what you need to do. Then keep breaking it down by year, month, week, day. It's going to take some work but you can do it!
4. Here's the hard part. This is where you reall
y become invested, with both time and emotion. This is where you don't give up-take failure out of your vocabulary NOW! Do we need to have a discussion on the Tortoise and the Hare? Speed isn't what gets you to the finish line; refusal to give up is what it takes. You have your daily action DO IT!

Something to think about:
Someone has probably already done what you want to do. Find them, research them, do what they did! You don't have to reinvent the wheel; you don't have to be a genius. You just have to follow in the path of the people that have gone before you. What did they do, what did they think, what was their motivation, what struggles did they have, how did they overcome them, how can I adapt what I've learned so I can be successful? You'll find one thing in common with all of these people-they didn't quit. They never gave up. 
Surround yourself with positive, successful people! I can't tell you how important this is. There will be people that try to keep you down, keep you from your dreams...don't let them!! Get rid of them!! Some of them will kill your confidence in such a sneaky way that you don't even realize it so keep a watch out! If you don't have positive people in your close friend/family groups then find some new friends! 

Facebook is great for this! Heck, you can friend me...there's one person that believes you can do it now find some more!

Here's my final treasure for you. What, you think I came up with all of this on my own? Enjoy!

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