Monday, April 22, 2013

What's In YOUR Snack?

*I use the chocolate as hot chocolate (yes, I'm an addict). I use the Keurig for the hot water then I add cold liquid (heavy cream, almond milk, water, etc..) to cool it down a little bit. Then just add the shake powder and whisk. This is definitely addictive! If the water is too hot, the shake powder will get little nasty tasting clumps so just be aware. 

*I have a bunch of recipes for the shakes, most are on my Pinterest board.

I'd love some options for the chocolate shake. Maybe I'll add a little bit of mint.

*This picture gives you the differences based on protein, fiber, and sugar. Those are great but it doesn't give the whole picture. It doesn't tell you what crap ingredients are in most of those products.

Special K Protein Shake-soy, canola oil, artificial flavors, corn syrup solids, etc...(you can read the rest if you want, I'm done here.)

Nature Valley Oats N Honey-canola oil, corn flour, soy flour *I do like these for trips but not as a healthy protein/fiber rich snack.

Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt- I have a big problem with yogurts that add gelatin and/or corn starch. That tells you it's crap right there! You should really only buy unflavored yogurt (if you want the live bacteria) and add your own fruit. Chobani would be a great alternative and it's easy to find. I challenge you to read the labels in the yogurt section.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials-My main issue with this one is all of the milk and sugar in it. There's more of those 2 ingredients than anything. Then you have more milk in the form of milk protein (just milk without most of the fat and carbs). Milk protein is harder to digest and stays around for HOURS because it's mostly cassein protein and only 20% whey protein. It's cheaper, that's why they use it. Bottom line.

Keebler Sandwich Crackers-Seriously, they put this on here? I'm not even going to start. If you consider this a healthy snack then we really need to talk.  It's crap. Bottom line.

Cliff Energy Bar- Lots of soy in these. This is mostly just soy and sugar. To be fair, I checked out their Protein Bar as well and it's just soy protein. This may not be an issue for everyone but I'm not changing my opinion on soy until more research is done THAT I TRUST to be accurate concerning the estrogen effects. Most soy is GMO which is a big issue for me as well. So while their protein bar does have high protein (20g) it doesn't have much fiber (4g) and tons of sugar (20g).

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