Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

It's My Birthday! 

UPDATE: Carmela I. is the winner!! Congratulations! If she hasn't claimed her gift by next Monday, I will hold another drawing. So....if you haven't entered yet, it may not be too late! 

I've decided to do my first giveaway! You get to chose your prize from a list of different things! 

All you have to do is register on my site as a preferred customer! It's super easy! Share on your favorite social media! (Pinterest counts)

Register Here!
Put "Giveaway" in the Contact Form!

Drawing will be held next Monday (because some of us need that pick-me-up)! Winner will be announced on this page along with chosen gift. No need to see if you won, you'll get an email. 

I'm so excited!! Good Luck!

PS-Make sure you see Brandi Perkins listed as your shop consultant (you're not on my site if it doesn't) (( if the link doesn't take you there))

PPS-If winner doesn't claim prize within a week, a new drawing will be held.

PPPS-It's not a surprise if I tell you what your choices are but they will come from this list: My Products

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