Monday, August 19, 2013

Christianity and Health

You park your car then walk in to greet and embrace well-dressed family and friends. It's Sunday morning, time for Church! Many churches will have coffee and donuts (or a similar form of refreshment) available. Then, you go worship while your children go to children's Church. You pick your children up and they're laughing and smiling with their artwork and candy in hand as you walk out the door. This is just a typical Sunday morning in a typical church. Then, you have the potlucks, pizza parties, movie nights, etc... So what's wrong with this picture?

 Anything the Church does, should be backed up with scripture. How many times has the Church been questioned on something only to respond that it's just the way they do things, it's the way things have always been done, it's tradition, etc.. Does this somehow make it right? Is the Church incapable of considering that they may be doing things wrong and need to change? Is it possible to have a discussion where a Church leader can pull out the Bible and tell you that this is the reason they do things and this is where it's supported by scripture?

 We are told in scripture to be good stewards. Is our health not a gift from God? Shouldn't we take care of the body that God has given to each of us? As Christians, we believe that our body is a temple and the Holy Spirit lives in us. Are we not told to take care of the temple? Why isn't the Church teaching us that it's important to take care of our bodies?

Jesus had limited time on the earth. He knew his time was short yet he spent much of his time healing people. If our health isn't important, then why didn't he just take care of the spiritual aspect of these people? Why did he heal them? It makes no sense to ignore the physical aspect of our Christian lives. I believe God performs many miracles but we don't see them because we continue doing the things that cause the sickness.

 Do you remember reading all of the rules in the Bible about cleanliness and locations of buildings, waste, animals, etc...? (Try Leviticus and Deuteronomy for references.) The people didn't understand WHY God told them to do that stuff. It wasn't just to be controlling and overbearing; there was a reason. Science has shown us the reasoning behind those rules: germs, infection. We have been given guidelines for eating and taking care of our bodies as well. I think there is much we still don't know and I believe God had a reason for giving the rules. As obesity and disease grows rampant, I think it's time for us to consider our ways and start making changes.

 I know someone will throw out finances as a reason why the church serves junk food so I'll just give you my opinion on that. Americans, along with other countries, have priority issues. We waste our money on the wrong things. People keep saying that they can't afford to eat healthy. Here are some statistics to get you thinking.
 Percentage of income spent on food in 2012:
USA- 6.6%
UK- 9.1%
Canada- 9.6%
Taiwan- 13.5%
Israel- 15.9%
India- 25.2%
Egypt- 42.7%
*Report from the USDA

 Americans spend less, percentage-wise, than any other country on food. Americans are some of the most obese people in the world! There's a serious problem here. We are not taking care of our bodies and the Church isn't providing the guidance and support it should. It's not that people in America can't afford to eat healthy, it's simply that we have chosen to spend our money on other things.

What are the basics of life? What should our priorities be? Do you realize that food prices are unusually low in America because of government subsidization? Guess what the government is spending money on?
1. Corn
 2. Soybeans
3. Wheat
*(Side note: Corn and Soybeans are the largest genetically modified crops in the world. Coincidence? Follow the money.)

 The products made from these ingredients are cheap because the government is funding them. These cheap ingredients have caused a decline in the food quality in America. We failed to realize the problems associated with these foods and didn't make the financial adaptations needed to offset the extra costs associated with healthier eating. It's time for America to wake up; it's time for the Church to wake up! If the Church is unable to provide healthy food, then at least stop providing junk food. I am not speaking about ministries such as food pantries. I know churches are doing the best they can to keep people from starving. These people need healthy food but that is a problem that goes beyond the Church. I feel that the problem can be fixed and it starts with people refusing to buy these cheap ingredients (AKA: Supply and Demand).

 Why do I feel that this is a Church issue?
 1. Our body is a temple and we should treat it as such.
2. God gave us healthy eating tips and I think we should give them our consideration.
3. God thought health and cleanliness was important so, therefore, it should be important to the Church. 4. We pray for the sick but promote sickness through bad food choices.

 This is my viewpoint and my thoughts. I'm not a theologian and I have no intention of getting into scriptural arguments. My goal in writing this is to simply make people think and I hope it will lead to changes. Sometimes, people just don't think about things and lose focus. This is something that weighs on my heart and I felt it needed to be said. You're welcome to disagree; just do it in your own space. This is my blog and my space to write my opinions. As always, feel free to friend/follow me on your social network of choice. I'm on most of them. :-)

PS-You're welcome to post your favorite healthy food quote.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

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