Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooking Outline For Homeschool

While searching for a cooking course for my son, I learned that everything I could find was geared towards younger children or adults. I put together this outline as a guideline for him so he could do his own research and teach himself. You could take this and turn it into a parent-led course easily.

I plan for him to keep a notebook so he can keep a daily log of his activities and write down anything he learns. I also plan to get some meals out of this class. :-) Most of the information he gathers will come from videos he finds on the internet. There are TONS out there! There is absolutely no need to pay for expensive online cooking courses, especially if they're just beginning.

I will most likely post video links to help you guys out. If there's something you think should be added, please comment and let me know! Feel free to share this link with anyone else you think would be interested. Enjoy!

                                                         Cooking Course Outline

Kitchen Safety Tips
Choosing the right kitchen knife
Knife skills
Many cooking videos here
My healthy recipe Pinterest board

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