Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tips For Healthier Eating This Thanksgiving

Tips For Healthier Eating This Thanksgiving

*Eat breakfast. I know it's tempting to wait for the big meal but your body will thank you.
*Snack on veggies before the meal. At least get some healthy food in you first. Have a veggie platter sitting out for grazing.
*Have alternatives available such as baked sweet potatoes instead of those syrupy sweet yams. I didn't say not to make the yams if that's one of your family traditions but you can start new traditions by including healthier options. This will help prevent a revolt.
*Take a walk. This is great family time! Get away from the tv for a while and get a little bit of exercise!
*Don't eat the skin on the turkey.
*Try to replace packaged mixes with homemade mixes. Most can be made ahead of time. I dare you to read and research the ingredients of the mixes you use!
*Have to-go boxes ready for everyone. People will have better control if they know they'll be able to get more later. Let everyone make up a box with their favorites to take home.

And finally, because there's always at least one person that's going to have a hurting stomach, may I suggest my go-to stomach relief trio. It doesn't matter what the issue is: stomach flu, food poisoning, bad food choices, overeating, etc.., this trio helps. Even my kids go for these because they can feel the difference.  

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