Monday, November 18, 2013

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I'm not a fan of spaghetti squash. I admit it. I can eat it but I don't love it and it doesn't replace pasta in my book. That being said, I kinda created a recipe for the fence-sitters. If you hate spaghetti squash, you'll probably still hate it after this too. Haters are just gonna hate.

I'd have taken more pictures but I didn't expect it to actually work. Sorry!

Here is the link to the sauce I used. I love this sauce! It's so easy and versatile!

I cooked the spaghetti squash like you're supposed to:
Cut in half, scoop out the seeds.
Place open side down in a pan of water and bake at least 45 minutes.
If it scrapes out easily, it's done.

Stir the cooked spaghetti squash together with the sauce and add cooked, diced chicken and cheese (mozzarella and parmesan). Top with cheese of your choice. The amount of cheese depends on how cheesy you like things. Somewhere around a cup total should good for most people. Top with cheese of your choice and bake until the top browns.

So, if you're looking for the ingredient list:
1. Everything on the sauce recipe except the spaghetti
2. Spaghetti Squash
3. 1 -1 1/2 Cups of Your Preferred Cheese

Thursday, November 14, 2013


*We have a winner! Congratulations! It's on the way to B.R. in NY!*

Time for a giveaway!!

One of my FAVORITE things to drink! You know how most people have to have their coffee? Well, I have to have my hot chocolate. :-)

Most people use this as a chocolate shake but some of us rebels turned this into a hot chocolate.
Here's the link for more information on the shake. 

If you REALLY want an awesome combo, add in the MochaTonix! 
It comes in 3 flavors mocha, cappuccino and vanilla but I prefer the mocha. Since I only use 1/2 scoop, it lasts twice as long. 

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Tips For Healthier Eating This Thanksgiving

Tips For Healthier Eating This Thanksgiving

*Eat breakfast. I know it's tempting to wait for the big meal but your body will thank you.
*Snack on veggies before the meal. At least get some healthy food in you first. Have a veggie platter sitting out for grazing.
*Have alternatives available such as baked sweet potatoes instead of those syrupy sweet yams. I didn't say not to make the yams if that's one of your family traditions but you can start new traditions by including healthier options. This will help prevent a revolt.
*Take a walk. This is great family time! Get away from the tv for a while and get a little bit of exercise!
*Don't eat the skin on the turkey.
*Try to replace packaged mixes with homemade mixes. Most can be made ahead of time. I dare you to read and research the ingredients of the mixes you use!
*Have to-go boxes ready for everyone. People will have better control if they know they'll be able to get more later. Let everyone make up a box with their favorites to take home.

And finally, because there's always at least one person that's going to have a hurting stomach, may I suggest my go-to stomach relief trio. It doesn't matter what the issue is: stomach flu, food poisoning, bad food choices, overeating, etc.., this trio helps. Even my kids go for these because they can feel the difference.  

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Are You Getting The Nutrients You Need From Your Food?

As many of you know, I work with doctors helping them implement wellness solutions in their practices. When I start talking with them, I always get their opinion on supplementation. Amazingly enough, many of them still believe that people are getting their daily nutritional needs me through their food intake. So, I decided to look into things a little further. I'll let you decide for yourself.

WHAT are you eating?
According to the USDA, half of your plate should be vegetables. 
*Ask a natural health expert and you'll get a different answer. Many natural health professionals disagree with the USDA recommendations and don't feel like they're enough for optimal health.

According to the USDA, you should be eating about 5 ounces of protein every day.
*This includes your meats, nuts, and eggs among other things.

What about dairy?
USDA says around 3 cups of low-fat dairy but I really have to question this. Dairy is inflammatory so 3 cups is a lot. The recommendation is based on the need for calcium, vitamin d, and potassium. It has been argued that pasteurization and homogenization reduce the amount of vitamins in dairy products. I haven't found a conclusive study yet. I'd like to know what ultra-pasteurization does to the milk since organic milk appears to be ultra-pasteurized more than conventional milk? Don't quote me on it, I haven't finished researching that one yet. What I DO know is that most milk is fortified-AKA supplementation-and that more vitamins are found in whole milk than in skim milk because some vitamins are fat soluble.
Effects of Pasteurization on Milk
Early Study on Homogenization

SO, are you eating mostly vegetables with a side of protein every day? Are your kids?
I know many of us are doing our best to encourage healthy eating in our families but the fact is that we are bombarded with high sugar and high grain foods constantly.
The fact is that, according to a study done in 2005-2006, the top 25 sources of calories in Americans did not include vegetables except as a mixed dish with meat (and we all know how many vegetables are in most of those).
Here's the study with most interesting info.
Calories and Weight

WHERE are you buying your food?
Irradiation-Ever heard of it?
Irradiation is ionizing radiation of food. It kills microorganisms that cause illness and food spoilage. It's pretty much another form of pasteurization.
*It produces free radicals in the food. (that's bad)
*They combine with chemicals such as pesticides to form new chemicals. (maybe they're safe, maybe they're not)
*Damages enzymes in food that help you digest the food.
*Does what big pharma does to health-fixes the symptom not the problem. 
*Works like an antibiotic and kills the good stuff as well as some of the bad stuff.
Want more info?

There is a label for irradiated food:
I wouldn't use that as your guide for avoiding it. It's only required if you're the first purchaser of the product. Also, it doesn't have to be labeled if the INGREDIENTS have been irradiated instead of the final product. Laws change so use this as a guideline to check for what the current law is on it.

Is it safe? Here's the study on it.
Want more?

How do you know if your food is irradiated? 
Tough question. Buy from a grocery store that doesn't sell irradiated food or buy organic. Your local farmers market is a great place to buy healthier, better quality food.

DOES your food have the nutrients it needs?
It depends on where you get your food from. If it's an heirloom variety organically grown (not necessarily certified organic, just grown without the harsh pesticides and herbicides) in nutrient rich soil then your vegetables may have the amount of nutrients in them you expect. Therefore, if you eat the recommended amount of these vegetables you may be getting the correct amount of nutrients to meet your daily needs.
The fact is that most vegetables are grown in nutrient depleted soil so the vegetables are deficient in nutrients. Also, many varieties of vegetables are genetically manipulated for reasons other than nutrient value so you don't know what you're getting. Commercial growers care more about the bottom line so they're more concerned with disease resistant, fast-growing, and high producing plants.

ARE you really eating the right foods, in the right amount, that are grown they way they're supposed to be? Are your children?

If not, do you or your children have gut issues? Not sure?
Signs of gut issues:
*Type 2 Diabetes
*Auto Immune Disease
*Yeast Overgrowth
*Weight Gain/ Inability to Lose Weight
...and more

So, if you're not eating the foods you need every day you need supplementation. If you have gut issues, you have trouble absorbing nutrients and you will have trouble absorbing supplements as well. 

What do you do?

WHERE do you get that?
Supplement Search Results

NOT sure which supplements you need? Take the free test to find out!

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