Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reading Mat Using a Sheet and Pillows

Quick post here:
I made a reading mat with a twin sheet and pillows. You know if I could do it anyone can!

Okay, the picture is sideways and I can't get it to not be sideways so it's going to stay that way. :-)

Quick directions:
1. Buy a twin flat sheet or use an old one. (Walmart $5)
2. Buy 5 pillows or use old ones. ($2.50 each)
3. Fold lengthwise inside out so the right sides are facing each other.
4. Sew the end rows together.
5. Turn right side out (like it looks in the pic)
6. Measure 19 inches and mark the lines.
7. Sew a straight line at each 19 inch mark. (That gives you 6 lines total including the outside 2 you started with.)
8. Stuff the pillows in the openings.

It ends up looking like 5 pillow cases have been sewn together. Don't mess up like I did. I sewed all of the lines while it was inside out then had to take all of the seams out except for the ones at the end. Oops. I'd love to do a project without messing something up. I usually don't make the same mistake twice though. I do learn. I'm just really good at finding out how NOT to do things. :-)

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