Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magnets for Chore Chart

I can't be the only one finding all of these cool DIY ideas on Pinterest. Are your boards as full of projects as mine are? Well, I tried my first project and it was a success! Yay! I now have glass magnets for chores and school. No more constant questions breaking my concentration they can find the answers by checking their magnets.
I bought the supplies from a seller on Etsy: Diamond Glaze, E6000, glass tiles, and magnets
I used a straight line paper cutter for the squares. It worked out best when I printed the grid along with the words. 1X1 Grid Template Just download to Word and type in whatever you want or use pictures instead. I recommend figuring out what you want on the tiles before buying so you know how many you need. (Yes, I learned that one the hard way.) If you use thin paper, make sure you don't use too much glue or you'll end up with discoloration. There are great directions here. Now, to figure out what I want the magnetic board to look like. The kids have already picked out their scrapbook paper for it. You'll love it. :-)

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