Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plants: To Kill or Not To Kill

Green thumb? Apparently not. :-) I'm going to keep trying until I find plants that are truly hard to kill. If I didn't kill it, you should be okay. Do you have any plants for me to try?

These two plants are the same thing. One is definitely dead, the other is still hanging on. Poor Areca Palm Trees!  To be fair, I left them alone with the hubby for a month so it's not all my fault. I'm going to try again with these.

 Indoor Lemon Tree. It's not totally dead yet. I never did get around to finishing potting it.

 Snake Plant: AKA Mother-in-Law's Tongue
Can't kill this one!! I'm getting more of this!

 Ferns: Well, they didn't survive my absence too well and I didn't do such a great job keeping them alive. They shed leaves like crazy. I think this one was a bad idea. The plant in the middle? That's the fake one. :-)

 I had Ficus Trees in my bedroom but they had flies so got kicked outside. They've really been thriving out here. If you think it looks bad in this pic, you should have seen it a couple of weeks ago. I might get more of these if I can find some that can be guaranteed pest free.

This is supposed to be my herb garden with tomato plants. I need to add drainage, I think most of the plants drowned. The herbs are hard to kill. I think Thyme and Oregano are still hanging on with the tall Basil. See the lizard?


  1. I am like you, I have a brown thumb. :) Diffenbachia is hard to kill, I used to have lots of it before we got cats. You can basically ignore it until it starts to wilt. I think spider plants was something that also is hard to kill. Thyme is very hardy, I used to have a pot of it outside on the deck and it survived 2 years. Rosemary is great, you can plant it in a planter if you want to contain it, or if you plant it outdoors in the ground it will get quite large. Plus it's great for cooking!

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one. :-) I need to update the post on the things I've added and kept alive (okay, and the ones I've killed too). I'm trying the lemon tree again. I really want that one to work! I've replenished my herbs so I hope I do better with those this time around. I'm trying tomatoes. Haven't gotten those to work yet but I'll just keep trying until I do. :-) I'll try out your suggestions, thanks!