Thursday, June 21, 2012

Star Wars Room

Well, I got Kayla's Star Wars room finished finally! I haven't been able to get her to completely clean it yet but that's coming soon (with some loving help from mom). If you're like I was, you're searching for the perfect ideas for your child's room and how to create the different things yourself. I'll do my best to help make it easy for you. If you have any questions, please ask!

She didn't want all of her walls to be blue so we left this one alone and pulled the blue color in by stapling fabric over a cork board. I used the one sold at JoAnn's and Michaels that doesn't have any sides. Super easy to make! Cut fabric big enough to wrap around to the back (make sure it's in the right direction so that it doesn't end up upside down when you hang it on the wall). Then all you have to do is staple it and hang it! You can add ribbons and buttons but she didn't want them.

 The shelves are just the ones from ikea. She's been collecting the comics and needed somewhere to put them.

The canvases were made using this tutorial. I did the stars differently than she did. We put glow in the dark paint on the canvas first, then we temporarily glued stars on the canvas, spray painted it black, took the stars off. I didn't take pictures because I didn't think it would work but it was super easy and worked great! I suppose you could always just finish up with glow in the dark paint splatters for the same effect. (I used Elmer's spray glue that will do a temporary or permanent bond. The stars were the multi-colored foil type ones you can buy anywhere.)

We made the cornices using this tutorial. I'm planning on putting fabric on the middle of these using starch unless she changes her mind. (I doubt it. sigh.) If you're like us and have never cut crown molding, you may find this video helpful. We nailed the cornice but glued the molding to the board. Nailing was a pain and caused a lot of problems. The glue holds just as well. You'll just have to do things in steps so the glue has time to dry. We just used wood glue but there may be something out there that will work better.

We used the cheap Walmart frames for the poster. We had an old one that was scratched up so we took the clear plasic from that one and sandwiched the poster in between the two pieces of plastic (it's been straightened out since these were taken). I just glued hangers to the back (wood glue works here, too).
For the scarf (had to girly it up some) I just used some wooden tiebacks from the curtain section. You can use pretty much anything that can screw into the wall and stick out enough to drape something over it.
I know it's a crappy picture but the light switch is just mod podged fabric over the plate. You can just glue it. You can use paper or fabric to cover the light switch cover. It's super easy to do! After you cut your fabric (big enough to go around to the back), glue it, then just cut a small hole in the middle where the switch goes and tuck the edges under.

Here are the other two cornices along with the Star Wars cookie jars Walmart had at Christmas. The paint is just blue paint that matches the blue fabric. I just brushed a coat on in straight lines. It sure beat doing three coats of paint and it looks really cool!

And, of course, no Star Wars room is complete without the Wampa rug! If you cringe when you see how much these suckers are, you can make it yourself using my tutorial.

I have a few more ideas that I might add later (after she gets that room cleaned!). I'm thinking about shelves to hold some of the Star Wars Lego creations as well as something involving an air plant thingy. Be sure to return for the update! If you need more ideas, I've pinned a bunch of stuff to my "Kids Decor Ideas" board.

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